○ reliable and economical four stroke TOYOTA engine with electronic fuel injection.
○ very stable and safe thanks to permanently pressurized ring with 700 kg displacement.
○ passengers cabin for 3 adult persons (in-line), separated from engine compartment.
○ separate
fans for lift and thrust - details.


Lenght - 4,0m
Width  - 2,2m
Height - 1,7m
Hoverheight - 0,2m (hard structure clerance)
Weight - 250kg
Payload - 240kg (3 persons)
Engine - Toyota 1.0, 58kW(80PS), 4-stroke, MPI
Fuel Capacity - 43 dm3
Max speed - 70km/h (calm water)
Crusing speed - 50-60km/h
Wawes - max. 0,6m
Wind - max. 50km/h


One engine and one fan is a simple design but a great source of noise.
That is because of two contradictory functions:
To generate the thrust we need large air flow [20-30 m3 / s] *
but without the pressure [Pa].
To generate the lift we need pressure [600-1000Pa] *
at low flow [4-8 m3 / s] *
Both functions require different parameters and settings of the fan.
If there is only one fan it works at low efficiency ~ 50-60%.
In this case 50-40% of engine power turns into noise!
If you want to build or buy a quiet hovercraft, it must have two separate fan systems and a good four-stroke engine. Additionally four-stroke engines have
 30% lower fuel consumption in comparison with two-stroke engines.
*-for the 2-3 person hovercraft
See for more info



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